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Sharon started writing in high school as a student at the Philadelphia High School for Girls.


Sharon self-published the books in 2016 on Kindle Direct Publishing, which is an Amazon subsidiary.


Sharon incorporated Mental Note LLC on 2/3/17.


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Sermons from the Floor

I wrote this book

I wrote this book while experiencing a few life-style modifications, which resulted in me sleeping on my floor for 9-months.  I was totally out of my league and over my head dealing with lawyers, bills, sickness, and living on my own again. I  forgot my self. I had to relearn to put God first and me second. Putting me second was so hard and took so long because most of my life, I put everyone before me. But God! He had me studying the Bible more than I ever had in my life. This book is composed of 12 chapters with 2 concentrating on the Book of Job.  Writing this book allowed me to get my mind clear. I got my groove back even while sleeping on the floor. I am not a preacher. This book contains the sermons I wrote for me to make it through an impossible situation. Enjoy!

Consequences of Untreated Bipolar Mania


In this book, I identify seven attributes that are like stair steps leading to destruction for anyone who suffers with bipolar disorder but remains untreated. The 7 attributes include: depression, hypomania, complete mania, financial ruin, sexual promiscuity, introduction to the penal system or extended unemployment and religiousity.  I have 5 personalities give their perspectives on the 7 attributes. Very Interesting. 



Has anyone or in this case, a group of people ever colluded to steal something so valuable to you that you couldn't speak. You couldn't talk because what they stole would embarrass you,  shame you, and expose every secret that you were stupid enough to put in print.  In this book, these guys had to commit a federal crime to steal it?  In the Bible, God says "Vengeance is mine." I also heard a saying, "Don't mess with the man that buys ink by the barrel. She was too mad to wait on God so she took matters into her hands. Everybody has a boss, and unfortunately, people forget that when they plot to commit a federal crime. You decide who needed to seek psychiatric assistance. Some people got paranoid, schizoid, narcissistic, neurotic, psychotic, and mean-spirited, while all the time wearing Armani suits, and stilettos. Enjoy



This book is about a Divorce that was anything and everything but plain and simple. Now mind you, since neither of them wanted to continue the marriage, which was doomed from day one, it baffles one's brain as to why the heck they played like this divorce was heart wrenching. This mess had nothing to do with a Heart. The husband and wife are both professionals and may even be considered a Power Couple. During the 8-months that it took for them to dissolve their 23-year marriage, they realized that they never learned to love each other; talk to each other; share with each other; respect each other; or laugh with each other except at the governor's mansion and in front of friends and family. I wrote this book with NO limits. I wrote inside the lines, outside the lines, across the lines, sideways, upside down, and twisted.  Enjoy!

Making Bricks without Straw


I wrote this book starting my second year of graduate school after my Manic Depression (Bipolar Disorder Mania) diagnosis. This is the first book that I wrote. I was overwhelmed with the rigors of grad school, commuting, raising children, being a wife, teaching, research, and walking on water. This book has a wonderful ending in that I defended my dissertation and received a Ph.D. in Biochemistry/Chemistry. This happened after my major professor told me that I would get my degree over his dead body. Enjoy!

I've Been Patient, and I've Been Kind! I've Been Patient, and Not Too Kind!


In our minds, we all have a running commentary regarding every aspect of our lives. In these books, I hope you  laugh at my thoughts, and decide if you see yourself responding the same way, or are you a better person than me. The other option is that you only think it, but I put pen to paper.

The Woman with an Issue of Blood


On 10/19/19, I released “The Woman with an Issue of Blood.” The Bible has a parable in Luke 8:43-48, of a woman who had an issue of blood for 12-years. In 2019, I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA), which is a disease characterized by autoantibody-initiated destruction of red blood cells (RBCs). I was wishing that Jesus was hanging around a well or walking on water so that I could touch the hem of His garment to be made whole. Instead, 3 blood transfusions later, here I am. Since I can relate to the woman with an issue of blood, I decided to write this book. I chronicle the details of a 5-day hospital “stay cation.” This book also talks about how Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy. It talks about how the archangel Michael had to rebuke Satan to get the body of Moses. It talks about the church with an issue of blood. My favorite chapter is called, “Legion is Laughing at God.” 

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"At the Hem of His Garment"

365-Day Daily Devotional

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"Sermons from the Floor"




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"Making Bricks without Straw"

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"Consequences of Untreated Bipolar Mania"

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"I've Been Patient and I've Been Kind!"

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"I've Been Patient and Not Too Kind!"

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"The Woman with an Issue of Blood"

Matthew 9:20-22

Mark 5:25-34

Luke 8:43-48

Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA)

Red Blood Cells

Blood Disorder

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Writing and publishing this devotional took a little over 365-days. I approached this devotional knowing that I was going to discover verses that I never heard, and knowing that I would certainly have a deeper revelation of God’s greatness. I fully expected to enlarge my relationship with Him. I wanted to read the Bible in a committed, organized way and assemble all of the scriptures that I had on sticky notes. Experiencing my own highs and lows, this devotional was more for me than anybody. I always write for me, to me, by me. I’ve listened to many pastors who gave the warning that when you set out to do God’s work, a legion of demons devise a plan to “Take you out of this life.” Over this last year I experienced the confidence of Elijah as he prayed at Mt. Carmel to rain down fire to burn up the stones (altar), the wood, the bull, and lap up the water. I was fed by ravens. I collected the daily portion of manna, but got greedy like the children of Israel. I wanted to build a larger barn to hold all my goods. God had to take the goods, and remind me that he said, to go out each morning to get one day’s worth of food. Like Isaac I asked, where is the sacrifice? At times, I was the sacrifice. I had to listen very closely for God to say, ”I will provide the offering.” I prayed for and discovered the ram in the bush. I saw God hang men on a scaffold that they erected in their front yard to hang me. Haman is still alive. I recited Job’s affirmation, “My redeemer lives.” Unfortunately, I had to let some people go because they were about to sell me for 30 pieces of silver. My own demons were at the hem of my garment and, parading around my house. I prayed Paul’s prayer of healing, and heard God say, “My Grace is Sufficient for Thee.” Nathan told King David, “It was you,” and he told me the same thing on a couple of occasions. And like David, I repented asking for a clean heart and a renewed right spirit. I experienced the pain that Samson felt when his eyes were burned out of his head. Unfortunately, I had a few Jezebel moments saying, “If it’s the last thing I do…..!!!!!” Jezebel is on the loose, but fortunately, God is on the thrown, were words spoken by one of my former pastors. Job’s wife said, “Curse God and Die.” I acknowledged, understood, but could not co-sign on her disrespecting God when she uttered the powerful words; however, she knew that only God could have allowed that attack on Job. She knew that Satan was powerless. I don’t quite know if God asked Satan, “Have you considered my servant Sharon?” I would like to think that my blatant mistakes leading to some uncomfortable lifestyle modifications were not the result of a card game between God and Satan. I read King David’s last instructions for Solomon. He wanted to ensure that Solomon had a peaceful kingdom, therefore, some people had to disappear or they were always going to be a threat. At times I felt like Esau instead of Jacob. Eating a pot of stew immediately, unfortunately was more pleasurable and quenched my appetite sooner than waiting for my birthright. When my patience and long-suffering were being tested, I wrote a blog titled, “I am not Joseph, I am not Job, and I am not Jesus.” Then, I was reminded of the nails in His hands and feet. That thought put me on the right track very quickly. For 365-days, I layed At the Hem of His Garment to listen.